A New Generation of Air Bubble Film Machine —— Shenxin Panther Tech Series

【2018-09-16 23:38:01】
  Good enough is never good enough.

  As a pioneer and a leading company in China's air bubble film machine manufacturers, Shanghai Shenxin Plastic Machinery keeps visiting customers, listening to their suggestions, and developing new technologies to meet customers' need.

  After absorbing the precious advice from customers demostic and abroad, Shanghai Shenxin Plastic Machinery launched its new series of bubble film machine -- Panther Tech series.

  The new series focuses on the high-end market, and the top class model has upgraded all parts of the machine:

  The extrusion system adopts double-screw design and carries two high-speed screw. The increased at least 30%, and the chiller is optional for further accelerate.

  The forming frame is made of steel plate and it is more stable on structure. The frame won't shake a bit even at line speed of 3000 m/hr during production. In addition, as we can see, the frame is design as a platform to enshort the length of production line and save space.

  The automatic winder and cutter is also made of steel plate, with Shenxin originally designed winding system, which is stable and easy to use. (You can also choose swelling shaft as an option)


  The engineers with 26 years experience of air bubble film machine R&D and engineers with US working background participated in the design and testing of the new series.

  What would happen when 26 years experience meets the most advanced technology from US? Let's expect the outstanding performance of Shenxin Panther Tech series in production!

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