About us

        Shanghai Shenxin Plastic Machinery Factory was founded in 1992 and has twenty-five years of experience in R&D and production of bubble film units.

        We mainly develop bubble film units, bubble film bag making machines, and shockproof packaging composite units. The equipment produced can be customized according to customers' different needs. Its derivative products include aluminum-plated solar shade production units for automobiles, composite units of EPE and air cushions, composite paper units for postal services, conductive film composite units for the electronics industry, and other ancillary products. Single layer coating unit and insulation material unit.

        Shenxin is located in Shanghai, the most economically developed city in China and enjoys world-class talent and logistics. We have three independent production workshops and an administrative building. We have strong talents. We have a number of senior engineers and technical experts. We also have design engineers from top US manufacturing companies. The company has R & D, production, quality management, sales, after-sales and other departments, the implementation of flat and efficient management, strict control of the production cycle and product quality.

         We are determined to be the world leader in the plastic packaging machinery industry. Scientific rigorous and efficient status Customers are always seeking for the highest quality products and services.